Latest news from Himura Powersports

HIMURA Powersports batteries are very active in their development and promotion programmes. Some of the highlights of this are listed below. If you want any more information on the News points listed below or the products and services we offer, please contact us.
Himura Website Goes LIVE !!!
Himura has Powersports Application Catalogues covering motorcycle, scooter, jetski, snowmobile andATV/Quad Bike applications available for all dealers and distributors of Himura Batteries.

Himura offers a range of Dual Front Mount Terminals specially designed for Harley Davidson Applications with High Cranking, CTX20HL-BS-FT, CTX30L-BS-FT. We are also offering the elusive YTX14L-BS/CTX14L-BS for Harley Davidsons from stock.

Himura pioneers radial grids for Powersports batteries giving superior cranking power for all your applications when compared against leading Original Equipment suppliers.

Himura has a redesigned lid to ensure safe tilted mounting of batteries for modern bikes in the excellentAGM range.

Sealed Maintenance Free Versions of the popular Jetski Battery CB/YB16CL-B now available as the Himura CTX16CL-BS, giving higher cranking, better vibration resistance and longer life !

Himura now has a Hardware Kit Available – A must for stockists and professional users of motorcycle batteries with spare vent plugs, nuts & bolts, breather tubes, adapters etc.